Six Day Double

Looking for challenges for 2018, I had decided to revisit Avon Terrell in May to do the Enduroman Long Distance race. You may remember that I went there this year crewing for Suzy in her Double Ironman exploit. (Report here.) Unfortunately, there’s a clash of dates and I can’t do it, so I was searching for an alternative early season challenge.

I have decided to create my own training event to work towards during the winter. I’m calling it the Six Day Double, and I will do each element of a long distance triathlon on six successive days. The provisional plan is below, and I am really hoping to get a bit of company for the rides and runs. It’s quite a way off, but if you fancy joining in for some of it, get the dates in your diary and let me know.

  • DAY 1 – Wednesday 2nd May
  • Iron Distance Swim – 3.8km
  • Blue Lagoon


  • DAY 2 – Thursday 3rd May
  • Iron Distance Bike – 180km
  • Three Laps of the Wakefield Wheel
  • Starting from Normanton. First lap starting 0700; second lap starting 1030; third lap starting 1400. Happy to have people join in for just one lap or as much as you like.


  • DAY 3 – Friday 4th May
  • Iron Distance Run – 42km
  • Three laps of a 14km loop from Normanton
  • Again, this is so people can join in for parts or all if they like. 


  • DAY 4 – Saturday 5th May
  • Iron Distance Swim – 3.8km
  • Blue Lagoon


  • DAY 5 – Sunday 6th May
  • Iron Distance Bike – 180km
  • Starts with a 23km ride from Normanton to Birkin
  • Two laps of a 67km road loop
  • Finish with a 23km ride back to Normanton


  • DAY 6 – Monday 7th May
  • Iron Distance Run – 42km
  • Two laps of a 21km loop from Pugney's
  • This is going to be physically and mentally very tough so any help will be very gratefully received.