Praise You Like You Should

At the end of the season, it’s really important to look back at what you have achieved. 

I talked about this in a blog a couple of weeks ago.

Today I want to talk about not taking your achievements for granted. It’s very easy for what used to be a big deal to quickly become the new normal. You need to look back at the road behind you and see how far you’ve come. 

I remember doing Rubicon Triathlon in 2014 – it was my first middle distance race, and it was really bloody hard work. Two years later, I was training for Ironman Barcelona and decided to race the Sundowner Middle Distance as part of my preparation. 

Because my focus was now on longer distance, I found that completing Sundowner was much easier than Rubicon had been. Some of that was physical – I was fitter – but mostly it was psychological. I knew I could do the distance – it was no longer a step into the unknown. I was focused on Ironman so this was “only” half what I was training for.

Either way, it was gratifying to reflect on the progress – physically and mentally – in a couple of years. 

So here’s my challenge for you. Look at what you have done this year, and imagine explaining that to the person you were two years ago. What would “2016 You” have to say about your achievements? That should give you a good perspective on your progress. 

Celebrate your success.