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Andy Donnelly

Andy started his triathlon career with a super sprint in 2015. Since then, he has increased his fitness and improved his technique incredibly. He is currently training for the Outlaw Half in May 2017.

"Gareth has delivered a solid structure with focus to my plan, with adaptation to suit circumstances. Without him I would not have reached my goals and have the confidence to push them even further."


Helen Walker

Helen has been a triathlete for two years, and has completed a handful of Sprints and a couple of Olympic Distance races. She's currently focusing on her first Middle Distance race in 2017. 

“Thank you so much Gareth and Zoe. You have pushed me to my limits and helped me achieve so much more than I thought I could after some time off. My triathlon mojo has been restored.”

Sarah Hennessy

Sarah has gone from absolute beginner to seasoned athlete in just two years. She is now training to run a marathon, and was recently crowned Wakefield Triathlon Club's Most Improved Triathlete 2016. 

“Gareth and Zoe did a great job, encouraging us to push hard with their usual sense of fun. Also, the workshops were a great opportunity to think through our goals for the coming year.”